Our landscape

The village of Pian di Molino is a historic village of Lunigiana, has about 20 housing units, is located 5 minutes by car and 20 minutes on foot from Gragnola, the nearest town and about 20 minutes by car from Aulla and Fivizzano, our municipality.
From our position branch off a thick series of paths or roads to visit the various places that surround us. The attention falls almost immediately on the Apuan Alps that frame our magnificent village and that are easily reachable by car both to directly access the shelters and to approach the departure of the main paths.
The sea, although not visible from the panorama, is not more than 40 minutes by car, in fact it is possible to easily reach the spectacular glimpses of Liguria in Levanto and Tellaro. For those wishing to enjoy the charm of the Cinque Terre the most recommended means is the train with which you can leave two main stations, Aulla Lunigiana or La Spezia, or from the Gragnola station. The Swing is in fact the connecting train from Pontremoli to Lucca that runs through the hinterland of Lunigiana and Garfegnana.

The countries that surround us